MMCAA History


  • As most of us present here would know (and for the younger set to know too) we trace our roots way back to 1926 when Archbishop Michael J. O’ Doherty requested from the Maryknoll General Superior, Fr. James Anthony Walsh for educators who could establish a Catholic teacher-training program for Filipino women. In June 9, 1926, the Malabon Practice School, which was later re-named Malabon Normal School, was established. The school already offered a 7-grade elementary, 4-yr. secondary and 4-yr. college course in education.
  • It was also in 1926, November 30 to be exact, that the Maryknoll Sisters’ Founder Mother Mary Joseph came to Malabon for a long visit of the school.
  • In June 1936, the transfer to Manila was made initially at Isaac Peral Street (now known as U.N. Avenue) then to A. Mabini. It was when the Normal School made its move to Manila, that it became known as Maryknoll Normal College. It was in 1948 when Maryknoll College moved to #610 Pennsylvania Avenue from Dewey Boulevard. (now Roxas Boulevard).
  • Because of the growing school population a search for a bigger and permanent school ground commenced in 1949.
  • College Day, September 12, 1950; bulldozing started in the Diliman campus grounds. The initial building which included the classroom, cafeteria, convent and chapel (same building where the current MMCAA office is now located) was ready for use at the beginning of SY 1952-1953. In 1954, the Marian Auditorium (which is home to all our homecoming program and which is now being renovated after 50 glorious years!) was inaugurated.
  • Undoubtedly, Maryknoll College was the biggest and most prominent work of the Maryknoll Sisters in the Philippines.



  • Class 1948 was the 1st group of students to be inducted into the Alumnae Association.
  • Ms. Purification Borja-Lim and Miss Lucia Hilario were the 1st MCAA  President and Vice-President respectively. Our alumnae had been active participants and supporter of school activities, events/milestones ever since.
  • In March 1979, the Alumnae Association was finally registered with the Philippines’ Security and Exchange Commission as : Maryknoll College Alumnae Association, Inc. or MCAA. A non-stock, non-profit corporation. The founding members or incorporators to whom we owe our legal recognition as an association are:
      1. Josefina Tan – who has served the MMCAA Board in several capacities and sits as a member of the Miriam College Board of Trustees now.
      2. Rose Olympia-Bautista
      3. Celia Oreta Matute
      4. Carolina San Juan Fajardo
      5. Teresita Bermudez-Choa
      6. Evelyn M. Eugenio
      7. Sylvia Santos-Veloso
      8. Remedios Santiago-Parungao
      9. Nanette Franco Diyco
      10. Lucia Pavia Ticzon
      11. Agnes Tan-Tañada
      12. Ma. Lourdes D. Magalona
      13. Aurorita Pavia-Ticson
      14. Aurorita Pavia-Ticson
      15. Victoria Oliveros-Orara
  • It was also around this time that varied sentiments were expressed since the ownership and administration of the Maryknoll College Foundation, Inc. was turned over by the Maryknoll Sisters’ Community to an all-Filipino Board of Trustees, majority of whom were lay persons.
  • Apparently, The first Filipina lay President of Maryknoll College is a fellow alumna who also served as president of the MCAA – – Dra. Paz Adriano. It is also noteworthy that another alumna, Dra. Loreta Navarro-Castro was appointed as President of Maryknoll College in 1986 when Dr. Lourdes Quisumbing had to leave and serve as Secretary of the Department of Education and Culture. Now, the current president of Miriam College is also another alumna – – Rosario Oreta-Lapus.(Note: We have alumnae heading the different units in school today: GailGalang-Reyes, Principal of GS and Dr. Corazon Reynoso-Reyes, HS Principal, The MC-SAID Principal, Carolyn C. Ui, is also an alumna)
  • It was in 1989 that the new name Miriam College was inaugurated and this marked the new chapter in the history of what has long been known as Maryknoll College. The name Miriam was chosen as it responded to the desire of the community to be associated with the Blessed Mother. Miriam, is the Aramaic name of Mary. Moreover, it also serves as a fitting tribute to Sister Miriam Thomas Thorton, MM who has devoted nearly 50 years of her life to the College. “Only the name has changed, but the school remained faithful to the legacy and spirit of Maryknoll.”
  • Through the years the MCAA worked towards the objectives it was established – – that is, to maintain and enhance the commitment and spirit of unity among its members, as well as support Maryknoll College (now Miriam College) in its attempt to fulfill its objective. Under the able stewardship of several dynamic Board Presidents and Chairpersons (some of who are with us today), several activities, events, homecomings were sponsored by the MCAA. The Annual Alumni Homecoming served as the Annual Meeting / General Assembly of the Association as registered with the SEC.
  • Our membership continually grows. Needs of the Association and its members have evolved through time. After careful assessment and to finally address these needs, the MCAA Board and its Advisory Council, after due consultation with its members worked on to amend the Articles of Incorporation of the Association to change the name from Maryknoll College Alumnae Association, Inc. (MCAA) to Maryknoll/Miriam College Alumni Association, Inc. (MMCAA). The By-laws were amended as well and was approved by the SEC in October 2003. Some of the amendments were pertinent to:Tenure of Office of the Board members:

1. Tenure of Office of the Board members:

With the new By-laws, each member serves a term of 2 years. She/he may serve 2 consecutive terms but should take a hiatus of 1 year if she so decides to serve again.

2. Election

Every year, more graduates are inducted as members of the association and records show that around 30-50% of each batch migrate abroad or reside beyond Metro Manila. Getting a plurality vote of all membership per election is highly improbable.

Thus, the amendment with regard the election of Board members by the plurality vote of all members who are present and duly registered during the annual meeting/homecoming shall be reckoned. Please be reminded that the Annual General Assembly of the MMCAA is scheduled every 1st Saturday of September. Our General Assembly always coincides with Homecoming Day.


Graduates from the Grade School, High School, College, Graduate School and MAE or to those who successfully completed 2 years of formal education from any department of Maryknoll/Miriam College are now considered as regular members of the MMCAA.


    • The members of the Board of the MMCAA had been referred to as Board of Directors ever since. But upon legal advise of the Corporate Secretary and since the Board had continually desired to professionalize and put all corporate papers of the Association in order, the Board of a non-stock; non- profit organization such as ours should be referred to as Board of Trustees and its member as Trustee.
    • The MMCAA Board is composed of 15 members. Officers being the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, President, VP for Special Projects, VP for Membership and Area Organization, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer and P.R.O. Each of these officers head the different standing committees namely:
      1. Search Committee – (3A/Board) c/o Chairperson
      2. Executive Committee – c/o President
      3. Special Project – c/o VP – Special Project
      4. Membership and Area Organization – c/o VP – Membership
      5. Corporate Affairs – c/o Corporate Secretary
      6. Public Relations and External Affairs- c/o P.R.O
    • Your incumbent Board may choose to invite a set of Advisory Council members for the year. They shall be drawn from past members of the Board.
    • With the corporate papers of the MMCAA now in order, the Association can now issue appropriate and official receipts for all financial transactions. Your donations can be duly received and receipted by the MMCAA.