MC Alumni Privilege Card Terms and Conditions

MMCAA Gold Alumni Privilege Card Program

Cardholder Terms and Conditions


I.1. Only verified MMCAA members may apply for the MMCAA Gold Alumni Privilege Card (“card”). Criteria for being a member is set by MMCAA and stated in its Constitution and By–Laws.

I.2. All information you provided must be true and accurate at the time it is provided.

I.3. MMCAA is entitled to verify your information prior to issuance of the card.



II.1. The cardholder is only entitled to hold one card at a time.

II.2. The cardholder must not allow any other person to use your card.

II.3. The card is not an identification card. The cardholder may still be required to present a valid identification card to verify your ownership of the card.

II.4. The card is not a membership card. The cardholder may not use the card for any purpose other than the terms and conditions of this card.

II.5. If the card is lost or it is damaged, the cardholder must notify MMCAA immediately, and may request a replacement card, by contacting the MMCAA Alumni Office. For a damaged card, the damaged card must be returned first before a replacement card can be issued. A minimal fee is charged for the replacement of the card.



III.1. Use of selected facilities in Miriam College Campus

III.1.1. Miriam College grants cardholder access to selected facilities at its discretion.

III.1.2. Cardholder is also subject to the strict adherence to rules and regulations set by Miriam College for the use of their facilities.


III.2. Discounts and Privileges from Partner Merchants

III.2.1 MMCAA coordinates with independent companies (“Partner Merchants”) to provide additional benefits, such as discounts and privileges, to cardholders.

III.2.2. Discounts/privileges are offered by each partner merchant, and the terms and conditions associated with the discount/privilege

III.2.3. Alumni card must be presented at the time of purchase to receive privileges for offered by the Partner Merchant

III.2.3. Partner Merchant may ask the cardholder for identification to verify ownership of the card

III.2.4. MMCAA does not give any warranty in relation to any discounts/privileges offer by Partner merchants

III.2.5. MMCAA accepts no liability for the provision of a discount/privilege by a Partner Merchant including, without limit, any poor performance or full or partial failure on the part of a partner merchant to provide a discount/privilege.

III.2.6. MMCAA shall have no liability for any inaccuracy or changes (including to terms or availability) or withdrawal of any Partner Merchant.

III.2.7. Information on any of the discounts/privileges of Partner Merchants is correct at the time of uploading onto the Website or, in relation to printed material, at the time of printing. MMCAA will endeavor to update the MMCAA website and printed materials with changes to the discounts/privileges of participating Partner Merchants from time to time.


III.3. Discount on MMCAA Merchandise

III.3.1.  An extra discount is given to cardholders on their purchase of merchandise sold at the MMCAA alumni office.

III.3.2. The discount is not applicable to the purchase, renewal or replacement of the MMCAA Gold Privilege card.


III.4. Special privileges in MMCAA events

III.4.1. MMCAA organized events may offer special privileges for all cardholders at the organizer’s discretion.

III.4.2. Cardholders will be notified on the offer specific to the event during the promotional period of the event.



IV.1. All personal information provided to MMCAA will be used to administer the card. It will also be used to give updates on the MMCAA Privilege Card program.

IV.2. MMCAA may pass personal information to Partner Merchants to verify ownership of the card.

IV.3. MMCAA will not give personal data to any other third party without the cardholder consent.



V.1. MMCAA reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the card at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be uploaded to the MMCAA website immediately.

V.2. For any questions about the MMCAA Gold Alumni Privilege Card Program, you may contact the MMCAA Alumni office by telephone at (63-2) 580-5400 loc. 1187 or by email at


August 2015