Triple A: The Search for the Amazing Alumni Achiever

Triple A 2017 Call Out

  1. Introduction

    1. The Amazing Alumni Achiever Awards (3As or Triple A Awards) were established by the Maryknoll Sisters and passed on to the Maryknoll-Miriam College Alumni Association (the Alumni Association) more than 75 years ago. The awards are presently administered by the Alumni Association.
  2. Purpose

    1. The purposes of the Triple A Awards are:
      1. To recognize the achievements of select Miriam alumni;
      2. To celebrate them as part of the Miriam College alumni’s collective legacy; and
      3. To inspire future graduates with real-life models of service and success.
  3. Eligibility

    1. The Triple A Awards are open to the following individuals:
      1. Grade School, High School and College graduates of Maryknoll College/ Miriam College, including Miriam Nuvali and other campuses of Miriam College;
      2. Maryknoll Adult Education (MAE) graduates;
      3. Miriam College-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf (MC-SAID) graduates;
      4. Those who obtained masteral, doctoral and other graduate degrees from Maryknoll College/ Miriam College; and
      5. All graduates of Malabon Normal School/ Maryknoll Normal College.
    2. Criteria
      1. 3A’s are nominated and selected on the basis of their achievements which reflect the distinctive Maryknoll/ Miriam Spirit in action. The Maryknoll/ Miriam Spirit consists of:
        1. Independent-mindedness;
        2. Social Concern;
        3. Creative Expression
        4. Compassion for Others.
      2. Achievements to be considered are in any of various aspects of the nominee’s life such as but not limited to:
        1. Work/ Career/ Profession/ Vocation;
        2. Home and Family;
        3. Community Service; or
        4. Service to the Nation
      3. The nominees are to be measured in terms of the positive results and the impact of what the person has done through his or her professional and/ or personal efforts over an extended period of time. They must also demonstrate the Maryknoll/ Miriam spirit in action that have resulted in making a difference in the lives of others.
      4. Positive results and impact should be reflected in jobs created, capabilities developed in others, community/ social problems addressed, policies created and influenced, institutions built or assisted, among others.
      5. Achievements are also to be judged in light of difficulties, obstacles, dangers or personal adversities that the nominee had to face in the process of pursuing her/his life concerns, such as building a career, raising a family, doing public/community service, and the like.
  4. Nominations

    1. Any member of the alumni body, faculty or staff member of Miriam College may nominate any eligible alumna or alumnus for a Triple A Award.
    2. A nomination must include an official nomination letter, a completed nomination form, complete biographical and other pertinent information, at least three (3) endorsement letters from the community, organization or constituency of the nominee, citing his or her achievements and the positive results or impact it made; and a clear and recent colored photo of the nominee (minimum size 4R; at least 300 dpi if photo is emailed). Download the nomination form. The deadline for submission of the requirements shall be strictly observed.
    3. The nomination may include such other letters of recommendation and/ or supporting material as is felt necessary by the nominating party.
    4. All nominations may be in writing or electronically submitted to
    5. All nominations will automatically be valid for the next two successive years. After that they must be resubmitted.
    6. Nominations must be kept confidential between the nominee, the nominator and the Maryknoll-Miriam College Alumni Association. No communication regarding the nomination shall take place between a nominee or nominator with any Trustee of the Alumni Association and vice versa, until the selection process has been completed. However, a nominee or nominating party may be contacted by a member of the Alumni Association Triple A Committee for purposes of clarifying or completing a deficiency in the nomination requirements. Once the selection process has been completed, only the successful nominee and his or her nominator will be contacted. Applications in breach of the above guidelines will not be considered.
  5. Selection

    1. Nominations will be called by the last day of February each year, or such later date as approved by the Alumni Association through an appropriate Board resolution. The call for nominations shall be posted in the MC Times, on the Miriam College and Alumni Association website and social media pages, and in any other medium deemed appropriate by the Alumni Association’s Triple A Committee.
    2. Nominations will be received by the Alumni Office by midnight of the last day of May of the same year, or such later date as determined by the Alumni Association through an appropriate Board Resolution.
    3. All nominations submitted in writing shall be addressed to: The Triple A Committee, Maryknoll-Miriam College Alumni Association, Miriam College, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila 1108.
    4. The Alumni Association’s Triple A Committee will deliberate on all nominations, and submit the list of its recommended 3A Awardees to the Alumni Association Board for final approval. The decision of the Alumni Association Board shall be final.
    5. Upon approval by the Board of Trustees of the Alumni Association, the Board of Trustees through its Chairman and President will notify the Triple A Awardees, their nominators, and the President of Miriam College.
    6. The actual number of awards conferred each year will be recommended by the Triple A Committee and approved by the MMCAA Board of Trustees.
  6. Presentation of Triple A Award

    1. The Award is presented by the President of Miriam College at the Annual Grand Alumni Homecoming of Miriam College.
    2. The photographs and citations of the Triple A Awardees will be exhibited at the College as part of the 3A’s Gallery, and may be included in an annual 3A’s Directory. The Gallery will consist of photographs, explanatory text and other materials. It will be updated annually after each 3A’s Search and Selection cycle. A suitable venue as well as security and maintenance for the Gallery will be provided by the College.
    3. The Award will be in the form of a trophy which will include the recipient’s name and an appropriate citation.
    4. If a recipient is unable to receive the Award in person by virtue of disability or by reason of distance, or for any other reason, the Award will be presented in a manner determined by the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the President of the Alumni Association.



Nominations of 3A awardees was officially closed last May 15, 2018. Any nominations received after this date will be included for review next year.

We have so much to be proud of…

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A special spirit that connects all of us across these years.


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