Triple A: The Search for the Amazing Alumni Achiever

History of Amazing Alumni Achievers

Passed on to us by our beloved Maryknoll Sisters and lay faculty over the past 75 years,  the distinctive Maryknoll spirit of independent-mindedness, social concern, creative expression, and compassion for others has quietly transformed Philippine society and the world through Maryknoll/Miriam graduates and their achievements.

It is time…

  • To recognize these achievements
  • To celebrate them as part of our collective legacy
  • And to inspire our future graduates with real-life models of service and success

We have so much to be proud of…

A long and inspiring tradition of accomplishment to pass on A pool of remarkable graduates whose life and work add to the prestige of our beloved alma mater

A special spirit that connects all of us across these years.

*Recognizing our alumni achievers started in the year 2001 by the MMCAA (Maryknoll / Miriam College Alumni Association) and continues as one of it’s legacies up to the present.

Selection Process


Amazing Alumni Achievers are nominated and selected based on their achievements which reflect the distinctive Maryknoll Spirit in action.

A. Achievement is to be considered in any of the following areas:

    • Work/career
    • Home and family
    • Community
    • Government
    • Church
    • International relations

Achievement is to be measured in terms of the positive results and the impact of what the person has done through her/his professional and/or personal efforts over an extended period of time. Achievement is living the Maryknoll spirit in actions that has made a difference in the lives of others.

B. Positive results and impact are reflected in, among others, jobs created, capabilities developed in others, community/ social problems addressed, policies influenced, institutions built or assisted, etc.

It is not necessary for the nominee to have attained a high Position or stature; neither is achievement to be measured by the amount of public recognition or prominence gained by the person.

C. Achievement is also to be judged in light of difficulties, obstacles, dangers or personal adversities that the person had to contend with in the process of pursuing her/his life-concerns (i.e. building a career, raising a family, doing public/community service, etc.)



Any alumna/alumnus can nominate a fellow graduate of Maryknoll/Miriam College (elementary, high school, college, graduate school. MAE) known to her/him, and who he/she believes meets the 3A’s criteria.

Any class representative or class may also nominate any qualified member of their graduating class who they believe meets the pre-set 3A’s criteria.


The nominator(s) submit to the MMCAA office by mail, fax, e-mail or personal delivery the following:

  • Official nomination letter
  • Completed Nomination Form
  • Clear and recent colored picture of the nominee (minimum size 2” x 3”)

The deadline for submission of requirements set by the MMCAA office shall be strictly observed.


The MMCAA 3A’s Committee reviews and deliberates on all nominations, and submits the list of those to be honored to the MMCAA board for final approval. The decision of the Board shall be final.


Amazing Alumni Achiever Citations are presented to the 3A’s honorees of the year at the Annual Alumni Homecoming. Their respective photographs and citations are exhibited in the College as part of the 3A’s Gallery, and are included in the annual 3A’s Directory (for publication).